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Roneda PCB Design and consultancy is specilised in all kind of PCB design products and in various market segments.
We focused on a customer solution, which will mean we will adapt us to met the needs of our customers.
We only work with Senior PCB Design consultants who completely focused on the complete product solution.
Our Senior PCB Consultans can support from the visibility phase to ordering to extual board or assembly.

Working experience within international oriented companies and used to work in structured organizations joining design teams.

Work experience in area's as Telecom, Industrial, Medical, Defense and Space.

We could help you with simple PCB design to routing complex boards for telecom or other industry.
Advice on the complete PCB flow, take care for all your PCB activities including order intake as a one stop shop.

Our Senior board designers having electronics as background, so we understand your product from electrical point of view which will result in better end product,
related to EMC, High speed timing, Differential signals, Analog Power Cross talk etc
Used to work with all kinds of PCB techniques micro via, buried via board, high technology, standard rigid and Flex rigid boards etc.

Nothing is to simple or to complex for us, please contact us for more info


PCB Design, Board layout
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